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At RKR we manage single family and multifamily real estate holdings in the New York area. If you’re an out of state owner looking for a property management firm with the right qualifications and credentials to protect and manage your property, Regal King Realty is your best choice. Our specialty is managing single family homes for first time landlords who inherit property or relocate for health or job reasons.


Sell or Rent?

If you’re sitting on the fence and deciding whether to sell or rent out your property, you should know that property values in today’s buyer’s market are almost 40% lower than what they’ll be in a seller’s market. Selling today could cost you a lot of money. Renting out your property and waiting for the market to turn around is a smart business decision. Hiring Regal King Realty to professionally manage that property during your hold period is an even smarter business decision.

Our experienced team will help you collect a steady stream of rental income and then cash you out for top dollar when the seller’s market eventually rolls around. A Win-Win situation

Why Choose Us?

  • Fair but firm management style
  • Years of Hands on Experience
  •  Expert Lease negotiators
  • Access to Network of Handymen
  • Extensive Construction and Finance Background
  • Member NARPM

We provide peace of mind to our clients by taking over the everyday hassles and stresses of managing their properties.


What We Do:

Tenant Selection: We establish fair market rental values and advertise for prospective tenants. We screen and select tenants based on well established credit & income guidelines.

Rent Collection: We collect and deposit rental revenue into a designated rent collection bank account opened at a nationally recognized bank and transfer all net monthly rental proceeds to landlord. For transparency purposes, we provide 24/7 online access to this account.

Maintenance and Repairs: We maintain rental property and preserve value of asset by hiring and supervising all handymen, general contractors and other needed labor. (electrician, plumber, HVAC, exterminator, boiler technician, etc.)

Legal / Regulatory Issues: We oversee rental permit applications, property tax appeals, court hearings, evictions, insurance claims, inspections (building department, government housing agency, insurance company) and other regulatory related property issues.

When you hire RKR, we’ll provide you with years of knowledge and sound financial guidance as we manage and maintain your valuable asset.

To learn more about our services or to speak with a qualified property manager from our firm, please contact us today

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