Why Tenants use RKR

Higher Quality Rentals

Our members have access to some of the best rentals available in the market. Landlords that spend lots of money renovating units usually protect their investment by engaging the services of our members who do the screening and selection of tenants for them. The best way to avoid Slumlords with run down units is to hire our members.

Higher Grade Landlords

Our members do business with some of the best landlords in the market. Landlords that retain our agents, brokers or property managers to conduct their business usually have mint condition units an are prompt on reasonable repair requests. Dealing with our members can help you avoid greedy landlords that take your money and don’t do repairs.

Protection from Fake Landlords

Hiring our members can protect you from Imposter landlords who prey on tenants with fake rental ads on popular housing websites. Our members can help you avoid scam artists by collecting ownership information from landlord (deed) and physically visiting unit to confirm legitimacy.

If You are looking for a quality rental in your price range and desired area contact RKR Now!



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