Why Tenants use RKR

Government Housing Specialists

Our members are highly trained experts in the government housing industry. They know the ins and outs of the section 8 system and have the experience and knowledge base required to successfully land you a rental or help you buy your first home.

Broker fee can be FREE!

In most states the landlord traditionally pays the broker fee and their services are free to you. In states where the tenant pays this fee, our members have access to state run programs that pay your broker fee for you such as NY’s “One-Shot Deal” from Department of Social Services (DSS). They also have access to various nonprofits, charitable organizations and military organizations that pay this fee on your behalf.  

Fresh “Flipping Homeowner” Rentals                                  

Our members have exclusive “in-house” rentals from home owners they flip into Section 8. They are highly qualified at flipping a landlord that accepts only cash payments into accepting payment from Uncle Sam.

Exclusive Investor Rentals

Our members have exclusive “off the market” Sec 8 listings from smart Investors who buy rentals and want the safety of steady government rental payments.

Property Manager Rentals

Our members have “office exclusive” Sec 8 approved rentals from owners who move out of state and want the comfort of government sponsored rent.

Higher Quality Units

Our members have access to some of the best Sec 8 units available in the market. Landlords that spend lots of money renovating units usually protect their investment by engaging the services of our members who do the screening and selection of tenants for them. The best way to avoid Slumlords with run down units is to hire our members.

Higher Grade Landlords

Our members do business with some of the best Sec 8 landlords in the market. Landlords that retain our agents, brokers or property managers to conduct their business are usually prompt on repair requests and Sec8 paperwork compliance and are less likely to engage in shady business practices such as rent or security deposit side deals or utility side deals. Dealing with our members can help you avoid greedy landlords that take your money and don’t do repairs.

Protection from Fake Landlords

Hiring our members can protect you from Imposter landlords who prey on tenants with fake rental ads on popular housing websites. Our members can help you avoid scam artists by collecting ownership information from landlord (deed) and physically visiting unit to confirm legitimacy.

Protection from “Blind Porting”

Blindly porting to a new area and renting a unit “sight unseen” without checking out the condition of rental and reputation of area is a risky business decision and can lead to a highly undesirable result. Working with our members can help you prevent this from happening. Bear in mind, Federal Fair Housing Laws preclude any agent, broker or property manager from telling you what areas are “good” or “bad”, so you must do your own homework. Physically viewing unit and doing your own field research on area and schools is the best way to do this homework.

Protection from an “Expiring Voucher”

The voucher that is issued to you is “Use it or lose it” You must find a rental within a certain amount of time (usually 60 days) or it expires and becomes worthless.  Dealing with our members can help you find a rental in a timely fashion and protect your sec 8 benefits from expiring.  

If you’re on Section 8 please fill out our free tenant registration form so we can contact you about available and upcoming rentals that match your registration info & section 8 eligibility.

To register go to:     www.sec8rent.com

If you’re already a registered Section 8 tenant with RKR  our agents will contact you to set showings for  available and upcoming rentals that match your registration info & Section 8 eligibility.


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