10 Solutions

Facing Foreclosure?

Lis Pendens Filed?

10 Solutions Available

  1. Borrow Money: Friends, family, relative, insurance policy, cash in stocks, bonds or other investments. Obtain mortgage loan – credit, repairs and income could disqualify you.
  2. Reverse Mortgage: Senior member “family bailout” – an early inheritance. Youngest borrower must be 62, live there and have lots of equity.
  3. Rent Out Part of House: Use revenue stream to catch up. Privacy issues, zoning issues and cost to build issues.
  4. Loan Modification: Bank modifies loan terms – adjusts interest rate or payments. Scammy operators could charge up to $5000 for this service. You need verifiable income.
  5. Forbearance Agreement: Bank adjusts terms allowing you time to catch up on arrears – like a band-aid on a deep cut. You need verifiable income.
  6. Rescind Loan: Wipe out loan using Truth in Lending Act – Miscalculated APR (junk fees not added to APR). It’s a “hail mary” pass!
  7. Bankruptcy – Chapter 7 liquidation (no income) or chapter 13 wage earner (has income) negotiate, cram down or reduced payments through trustee – buys you time  only! Cost: $1500 – $2500. You can still lose house and credit rating.
  8. Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure: You give title back to bank. You could be held personally responsible if bank REO department sells house for less than you owed.
  9. Do Nothing: Accept foreclosure and ruin credit for 7 – 10 years.
  10. Do a Short Sale: If you are underwater on your mortgage, owe more to lender than your house is worth, most lenders will allow you to hire a Realtor to sell your house for less money than you owe.

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